Due to Covid-19 we have a heightened concern on how our equipment is sanitized and maintained. As a parent, it is a priority to keep our loved ones safe and healthy. Little Palms will follow the Department of Health guidelines and adhere to the following policy:


Social Distancing

On arrival we will keep 6ft social distancing guidelines around you during set up and pick up



We will use gloves and face masks at all times during set up and removal


Hand Sanitizer

We suggest you provide hand sanitizer for your guests before using the soft play equipment. This can also be included in your package.


Ball Pit Disinfectant Machine

ALL of our ball pit balls will be sanitized pre and post event, removing dust, hair and other dirt attached to the surface of the ball. The balls are suctioned into the disinfection machine, the surface of the ball is completely adhered to the atomized water molecules again diluted by the non -toxic disinfectant, which eliminates the surface bacteria completely to ensure the balls are clean and hygienic.


Non- Toxic Disinfectant

All equipment will be cleaned with Clean Smart disinfectant
Which kills 99% of Viruses and bacteria without harmful chemicals. This product is on the EPA approved list to kill Coronavirus


Safety First

If anybody in your household has shown symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 7 days, please inform us immediately. Whilst we will be unable to set up an event for you, we will be happy to work with you to reschedule to a suitable date.