Devops Engineer Roles & Responsibilities

Find out how we provide our customers with the hardware, software and services they need to mass produce patterns on silicon. Learn about the technology behind our lithography, metrology and inspection, and software solutions. On the other side of the debate, some argue that titles are meaningful – especially when industries are going through major transformations. Including the term DevOps on a resume or job description signifies a level of skill that is currently hard to find, says Oehrlich. “DevOps empowers developers to own, run, and manage the end-to-end delivery of an application.” DevOps got its name over 10 years ago, and whatstarted as a hashtaghas grown into a cultural movement in IT.

what is devops engineer

The role of a DevOps engineer is not confined to any particular position. He needs to multitask and handle challenges arising from multiple roles to justify his designation. His vast skills comprise how to become a devops engineer of testing, building, coding, integrating and deployment. DevOps engineer is one of the most challenging roles and often organizations find it difficult to find an efficient DevOps engineer.

Devops Engineer Role And Responsibilities

When people think ‘software’, they often think of companies like Google or Microsoft. Even though ASML is classified as a hardware company, we in fact have one of the world´s largest and most pioneering SW communities. The ASML SW environment is extremely attractive for prospective engineers because it combines big data with extreme complexity.

  • A DevOps engineer is a professional who needs to understand the methodologies and tools used to develop, deploy, and operate high-quality software.
  • Depending on the company and your specific DevOps role, you may end up working on any number of issues.
  • Hands-on experience in using configuration management tools like Puppet, SaltStack, Ansible, etc.
  • Many schools offer these degrees online, allowing for the flexibility sought by professionals who wish to maintain their current obligations while pursuing an advanced degree.

Some examples of security automation tools include SpotBugs, Snyk, OWASP ZAP, Ansible, Tripwire, and Halo. As part of understanding the tech stack, a DevOps engineer should also have a working knowledge of the programming languages the software engineers are using. This competency will enable the DevOps engineer to understand the developers’ processes and to assist with coding-related tasks. The goal of DevOps is to merge daily tasks involved in the development, quality control, deployment, and integration of software development into a single, continuous set of processes. Teams develop best practices and principles that will make development cycles shorter and assist teams in continuously delivering high-quality software.

Ansible Roles

This philosophy encourages developers to move fast, experiment, and iterate. DevOps has become intrinsically connected with digital transformation. But when it comes to IT terminology, a decade is plenty of time to accrue varying definitions, interpretations, and confusion around what DevOps actually means. For more solutions, check our corresponding article where we compare the major CI tools on today’s market. Use a virtual machine that behaves like a production environment to test early. Decision-making should be powered by factual information in the first place.

what is devops engineer

The three most common languages used with the DevOps tools are Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. It’s advisable to learn at least one of these programming languages to work with the DevOps tools. One point to remember is that this is a dynamic role in a highly evolving market so this role may grow and change accordingly to include more responsibilities. Thus, having someone with a broad set of skills and knowledge is essential for the success of your organization in an ever-changing industry.

Coding And Scripting

The implementation of gradual rollouts allows delivery teams to release a product to users while having an opportunity to make updates and roll back if something goes wrong. DevOps engineers should understand how to provision IT infrastructure and deploy the product seamlessly. This capability provides a fundamental bridge between the development and operations phases. DevOps is all about velocity, sure, but don’t be afraid to push back on decisions that introduce too much technical debt or could be a security or performance issue down the line. DevOps is all about embracing change and applying new tools to make everyone’s lives easier. We monitor systems to tell us when something is an issue or is about to be an issue, and we observe to ensure trends in performance and traffic that helps us make our systems better in the future.

  • To become a DevOps engineer, you’ll need technical and interpersonal skills.
  • Lucidchart is the intelligent diagramming application that empowers teams to clarify complexity, align their insights, and build the future—faster.
  • The DevOps engineer oversees the DevOps lifecycle and collaborates with the development and operations teams to ensure sprint goals are met and projects meet deadlines.
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There may be situations where the goals of DevOps run counter to the goals of other groups that are slow to change or adopt complementary practices. And, in the real world, any number of things can go wrong at any given time. In less collaborative environments, DevOps Engineers might face frustrations with other technical teams. Furthermore, the jobs in DevOps pay more than the average tech or computer science job. DevOps professionals also keep things up to date with the latest changes and security updates. If there’d been DevOps on the Death Star, the rebels never would have blown it up. • Suggesting improvements to our technical solutions and way of working, and implementing them in alignment with your team and their stakeholders.

What Is A Typical Devops Engineer Salary?

Certifications are not a requirement to get a DevOps role, in fact most companies focus a lot more on experience than certifications. Also if you don’t have a university degree of any kind and no experience, they are great to build a resume.

Without IaC, engineers would have to treat each target environment individually, which becomes a tedious task as you may have many different environments for development, testing, and production use. The final stage of the DevOps lifecycle is oriented to the assessment of the whole cycle. The goal of monitoring is detecting the problematic areas of a process and analyzing the feedback from the team and users to report existing inaccuracies and improve the product’s functioning. DevOps principles and practices lead to better communication between team members, and increased productivity and agility.

Cloud Infrastructure

The conference was founded by Belgian consultant, project manager and agile practitioner Patrick Debois.[who? Good hands-on knowledge of Configuration Management and Deployment tools like – Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Terraform etc. We are going to look a DevOps Engineer job description from Rackspace to understand what industries demand from a DevOps Engineer. Check out the other blogs in the series to understand DevOps and its various tools/ stages. We couldn’t be more excited to offer DevOps consulting services to you. If your organization is large enough to justify a team of DevOps engineers, you might want to look for people with special interest in some of the areas listed above rather than hiring a team of generalists.

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What Is A Devops Engineer, Exactly?

Or, they may just manage package repositories both public and private. Note that package repositories are another possible destination for delivery. And since DevOps is a culture of sharing, it helps to have good interpersonal skills. Of course, there’s always some variability in the market depending on location, experience, and the company you end up working for. While DevOps jobs are only part of that growth, it’s still substantial. With 1.8 million jobs in the field now, that 5% growth means 90,000 new DevOps jobs. And given the popularity of DevOps with employers, 5% is almost certainly a lowball estimate.

  • I strongly recommend you spend some time familiarising yourself with it and the concept of branches, rebase, merging, etc.
  • One way to start could be looking at the syllabus of the LPIC exam and taking the exams for the certifications.
  • Ultimately, a top-notch DevOps engineer will demonstrate excellent leadership skills and the capacity to mentor junior staff.
  • This capability provides a fundamental bridge between the development and operations phases.
  • This leads to a shortened lead time between fixes, and fewer software failures.

If you’re at all interested in the crossover between development and operations, it could be a Ken-Thompson-level field for you. With six-figure salaries, swift job growth, and plenty of upward mobility, the future for DevOps is blindingly bright. If you’ve felt strongly that DevOps is a good career to get into, then definitely give it a shot. If a problem isn’t a code error, it’s probably something in the network. It could be enough to know the IP protocol, but you’ll often need an understanding of certificates and routing, too.


Read on, and you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a DevOps engineer, including what skills you need, your responsibilities as a DevOps engineer, and what you can expect to earn in your new role. You need to learn the core skills to have a successful career in DevOps. However, you don’t need to be a genius in all core skills before you embark on the DevOps technical skills.

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