Safety Rules:

  • ·         Children must be supervised by an adult at all times (18yr old)/parent/guardian while in play area. 

    ·         Remove shoes before entering the play area

    ·         Socks must be worn at all times in the play area

    ·         Hand sanitizer is advisable for each child using the play area

    ·         NO food, drinks or snacks are allowed in play area

    ·         NO running in the play area

    ·         NO equipment should be removed from within the play area

    ·         NO shoving, pushing, wrestling, or rough play in play area.

    ·         Play areas are designed for children under 5 years ONLY.

    ·         All sharp objects must be removed before play

    ·         DO NOT enter if you are pregnant or have any health issues

    ·         DO NOT bring paints/slime/Play-Dough/crayons/markers or any items that could damage the play area into the proximity